Solar Power Systems

Solar water Pumping System (AC/DC)

An innovative technology to pump water from surface or groundwater sources

Sustainable, cost effective and reliable solar water pumps from DPS

Our solar water pump systems are the result of a driving vision and proven technological expertise in solar powered technology. Providing a cost effective and reliable solution to the issue of water supply in Irrigation, Agriculture, Drinking, Industrial needs ,Effluent & Sewage plants, Resorts, Farm Houses and Remote regions.

DPS Solar Water pumping system consists of a solar array, Solar pumping inverter, and 3Phsae Pump.
    •  The Solar Array is connected of many solar cells panels in series and in parallel,
        converting irradiation from sun light to electrical energy (DC).
    •  Solar Inverter Controls and regulates pumping operation and converts DC to drive AC Pumps.
    •  The AC Pump Driven by a 3-Phase pump motor, draws water from well, rivers or lakes, storage in tank or uses for irrigation directly.


•  Drinking Water Supply
•  Irrigation, Agriculture
•  Pond Management
•  Drip Irrigation
•  Aquariums
•  Drinking, Domestic application
•  Industrial Needs
•  Effluent & Sewage plants
•  Resorts, Farm Houses and Remote regions.