Solar Power Systems

Solar Street Lights (LED and CFL)

Solar Street Lighting System is a lighting system consisting of Lamp (CFL/LED), SMF battery, electronic circuitry mounted in a metal casing and a solar photo-voltaic module. The battery that glows CFL/LEDs is charged by the electricity generated through the photo-voltaic module; photo-voltaic module essentially converts solar energy into electricity.

System Description

    PV Module 12 V, 37 Wp
    Battery 12V, 40 Ah; Sealed Maintenance Free Battery
    Light Source CFL/LED
    Working Time Dusk to Dawn (Automatic operation)
    Charging Time 5 – 6 hours / clear sunny day
    Warranty 2 Year


    Roads, Streets within housing society, commercial building or industrial campus, Railway gates, Parks, Boundary Walls, internal roads in hotels, hospitals, roads in remote & inaccessible places and wherever dependable lighting is desired.