Dhanush Power System

Dhanush Power Systems Provides end-to-end solutions, helping its customers use electrical power effectively and increase industrial productivity with sustainability. Company was established in 2000 at Hyderabad, India. We are committed to customer satisfaction by continuously improving our operations to be a low-cost, reliable, environmentally electrical energy provider. We have been successfully proving this to our customers for more than 10 years and will work hard to continue with this commitment in the future.

Power Systems: To provide the highest quality engineering services in the field of Electrical infrastructure support services in Power Transmission, High Voltage Substations, Overhead Lines, Underground Cable and Power Stations including Design, Engineering, Erection, Testing & Commissioning services and RE works.

Automation & Control systems: Include Mechanical design and drawings, electrical control system design and schematics, Hydraulic system schematics, Pneumatic system schematics, Machine prototyping, control software design and development, PLC Programming and System Integration, allowing us to serve as a complete machine building solution. We design with ergonomic and safety in mind with the required standards.

Solar Power System: Designs, installs, operates, and maintains solar power systems allowing our clients to enjoy lower utility bills and a reduced carbon footprint. Our cost effective, customized systems incorporate the highest quality solar energy products available. The solar technologies we install have been proven to provide a reliable source of energy in the field and will continue to deliver electricity for many years beyond their financial payback.


We research, develop, produce and sell Engineering & technology for the Electrical infrastructure services, industrial automation and solar power systems. With trend setting technology, maximum customer orientation and flexibility. we generate success for our customers.

Focus on the customer

The satisfaction of our customers is the heart of our philosophy. We offer our customers highly modern Engineering &Technology from a single source with a "certain added value". Everything we do is concentrated toward making our customers and their products more successful.

Successful partnerships

Long-term partnerships are our goal. We want to grow together with our partners, customers, suppliers, business partners and co-workers. Close coordination and continuous dialog with our partners generate convincing results.

Head start through innovation

We put ourselves to the challenge. Innovation is the result of our passion for the continuous improvement of products and solutions. With innovative new developments and improved designs. This enables us to maintain our role as technology leader and continually strengthen our position in the Electrical industry.

Systematic growth

DPS is well established in the Hyderabad, India market and enjoys an extremely good market position. By winning new customers and developing new markets, we are aiming to continue our consistent growth inside as well as outside India.